Ravis Mouth Pack Sheet (10 Sheets)

Ravis Mouth Pack Sheet (10 Sheets)

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Ravis Mouth Pack Sheets help reduce wrinkles and moisturize the area around your mouth while you sleep. Very gentle on the skin yet adheres firmly.
While you sleep the moisturizing oil penetrates all the way to the deepest layers of the skin!
Adheres firmly so wear it while sleeping, or doing work around the house.

Contains a mixture of hyaluronic acid​, vitamin A/E, and CoQ10.

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  • How to Use

  • (1) Please use after trimmed the skin with lotion.
    (2) is removed from the bag, peel off the peeling paper.
    (3) Attach the sheet to the mouth.
    (4) Please rest overnight while stuck.
    (5) The next morning peel off slowly, please cleansing.
    * If the skin is left moisture and oil, such as sweat, there are times when the adhesive is impaired. Milk and cream, after using the serums, please use at a later time.
    * It is more effective and you'll use it to continue every day.
    * When the mouth so as to extend the stick from, it is more effective.

  • Ingredients

  • (Acrylates / VP) copolymer, isopropyl myristate, tocopherol acetate, retinol palmitate, ubiquinone, hyaluronic acid Na, tris hexyldecanoate pyridoxine, peanut oil


  • ● scratches and eczema, please do not use the site where there is an abnormality in the skin, such as swelling.
    ● If you do not fit in the skin, please discontinue use.
    ● redness on or after use during use, swelling, itching, if the abnormality in the skin appeared, such as irritation, stop using immediately, please consult your dermatologist. Symptoms may worsen and continue to use as it is.
    ● After sunburn please use the subsided hot flashes and redness of the skin.
    ● sheet Please note that turning a blind in the eye.
    ● finished using sheet, please do not re-use.
    ● Please keep out of reach of children.
    ● Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, humid place, but district and store as much as possible in a cool place
    ● Please note that it may pressure-sensitive adhesive to the garment is attached.
    ● If the adhesive is adhered to the skin, please wash with cleansing oil and soap.

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