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Mamubebi sponge & Cross set elephant

Mamubebi sponge & Cross set elephant

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    It is a cute animal parent and smaller micro-cross of the set. Cross of the handle is perfect for animal image. It is good to decorate for a while before using. Not only the kitchen, a big success even in the bathroom and the bathroom. I think that would be a good opportunity to clean the lessons of the kids. Case: W13 × H13 × D5.5cm [bird] sponge L: W8 × H12.5 × D4.5cm sponge S: W4.8 × H6.7 × D4.5cm Cross: W13 × D24cm sponge upper part * polyester nonwoven fabric lower Department: urethane foam cross: micro-fiber (100% polyester) made in China

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