Garden Party leisure cup set slant

Garden Party leisure cup set slant

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    Picnics and, home parties, such as birthday and recommended for such a little dinner in the office, is a little stylish cup set. Material is also good, not the so we can firmly disposable, you can use forever. Japanese-made tableware is peace of mind. Since it is with a vinyl case, easy storage. A matching plate and bowl and cutlery or set does not align together? ◆ 4 pieces size cup × φ7.5 × H9cm 300cc case W12.5 × H26 × D7.5cm ※ size is the outside dimensions. ◆ material cup: polypropylene heat-resistant temperature 100 ℃ Case: vinyl chloride resin ◆ producing area cup: Made in Japan Case: Made in China

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