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Garden Party Leisure plate and bowl set slant

Garden Party Leisure plate and bowl set slant

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    From picnics and athletic meet of the outdoor, home parties, such as birthday and recommended for such a little dinner in the office, is a little stylish plate and bowl set. Material is also good, not the so we can firmly disposable, you can use forever. Japanese-made tableware is peace of mind. Since it is with a vinyl case, easy storage. Matching of the fork and spoon also do not align together and cup set ◆ size plate:? Φ21cm bowl: φ15.5 × H3.5cm 450cc Case: W20 × H22 × D7cm ◆ material plate, bowl: polypropylene heat-resistant temperature 100 ℃ case: vinyl chloride resin ◆ production areas plate, bowl: made in Japan plastic case: made in China

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