And outdoor Ranch L BK

And outdoor Ranch L BK

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    Crowded train, bicycle commuting, outdoors. Nostalgic aluminum + Pachinpachin and 4-point lock as lunch box with a packing. Size and shape also somewhat nostalgic, yet rugged image. It will hang in there from the afternoon to eat firmly recommended for mega size lunch men's L size. S size and combination set of chopsticks + spoon is made that does not rattle. It is lunch series that can be used in heavy. ● Made in Japan freshness escape difficult to four points lock the peace of mind (is leakage difficult lunch box does not mean not leak completely) ◆ size W21.3 × H6.6 × D15.6cm actual capacity: 1.200m size external dimensions is. ◆ Material Body: polypropylene packing: silicon resin (packing is accustomed to removal can always clean your use at any time) rice half of the container as to remove the dishwasher corresponding lid * Microwave OK ▼ oven grill is not allowed partition with lunch the rice in the case of the put (standard: about 1.6 cups 1 cup usually bowl is as 200ml) frozen: -20 ℃ thawing heating: + 140 ℃ ◆ producer made in Japan

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