Japoranchi length angle of 2-stage lunch L BR

Japoranchi length angle of 2-stage lunch L BR

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    Bisque ultra-long seller of Japoranchi among the goods. This season has been increased a new middle. 2-stage lunch, such as a square type (mini your weight) is, male and want to eat a whole bunch, light cherry-blossom viewing, is perfect from the party, and the like to take away you have. Upper stage only with a tapper lid. These can be used also only in the upper. W16.4 × D12.3 × H8cm 1300ml rubber belt with a lid, the middle and lower: saturated polyester resin / ABS resin + urethane paint in the lid: polyethylene dishwasher, microwave-safe. (However, the middle lid range disabled) made in Japan

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