meiji amino collagen Purofekku can type 200G

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  • Product Use

    ● with a spoon attached contained in the can, please enjoy dissolved 1 cup Strike sugar per day (approximately 7g) as a guide. ● There are individual differences in the intake of collagen. Please reduce the amount If you spoon 1 cup seems to be often. ● Please drink immediately after dissolved.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltodextrin, whey fermentation product, (including soybean) vegetable oils and fats, V.C, glucosamine, arginine, thickener (gum arabic), emulsifier, flavoring

  • Specifications

    About 7g per collagen 5000mg, glucosamine 60mg, is an amino acid (arginine) 450mg, dietary supplement that can ingest vitamin C50mg. Collagen is using a low-molecular weight fish collagen. Blended food material "Purofekku (R)" which has a function of increasing the number of bifidobacteria, which is a representative of the good bacteria. Collagen-specific flavor is almost no, served by dissolving of your favorite drink, meal. Please help us to beauty and health to every day. About 28 days.

  • Precautions

    ※ eggs, it has been produced in the product and the common facilities, including wheat. ● It may not fit into the body by the constitution and health status. In that case you should stop eating, please consult your doctor or specialist. ● If in hospital, those who are receiving the medication, those who do not excellent physical condition, please consult your doctor or specialist for ingestion. ● If you allergy caused by food are found, please check the raw materials name. ● When the powder as it is placed in the mouth, please note that you may choke. ● Please do not put a wet spoon in a can. ● After the inner lid opening the can is tightly closed the lid to keep out dust and hair, keep away from areas of high temperature and humidity, as much as possible, please enjoy as soon as possible. ● There is that grain can be seen in the product, but this is the quality is not a problem in the part of the raw materials. ● Because we use natural products, you might have to create a color change, but the quality is not a problem.

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