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meiji Aurora coat the mouth wet gel 60g

meiji Aurora coat the mouth wet gel 60g

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    • mede in japan Made in Japan

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  • Product Use

    Please apply appropriate amount of take-up, to the entire oral cavity to the finger or a brush, or the like. After use, please or wipe spit. The time of opening, insert deeply the projection portion of the cap, please enough to open the hole.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water, glycerin, PG, xanthan gum, tea leaf extract (tea catechins), xylitol, perfume, erythorbic acid Na, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben

  • Specifications

    Established a balance in the oral cavity, it is the mouth moisturizing gel to care a dry mouth.

  • Precautions

    ● redness, rash, pain, when an abnormality of the sunny, etc., appear, stop using it immediately, please consult to doctors, dentists and pharmacists and the like. ● After opening, and save tighten the cap, please use as soon as possible. ● Please do not swap into another container. ● product past the expiration date, please do not use. ● Please be careful not to scratch your hands on the protruding portion of the cap. Or components derived from the raw material is deposited at a low temperature storage ●, it may color is darker, but there is no quality problem.

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