Popin' Cookin' Sculptor's Soft Candy Kit (Grape & Soda Flavor)

Popin' Cookin' Sculptor's Soft Candy Kit (Grape & Soda Flavor)

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Roll it, stretch it, make new colors, and let your imagination run wild!
Create characters and any shape you dream up! All of your creations are completely edible (wash hands first!).

The kit comes with a mini rolling pin, sprinkles, and 5 colors of soft candy "clay" (primary colors plus black and white, so you can create limitless color variations) and 1 tray. There are 4 different trays in the series - collect them all!

Popin' Cookin' is a series of educational confectioneries that fosters the rich creativity of children. Stimulate children's creativity while boosting their fine-motor skills!

English recipe, video instructions and supplementary materials can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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