Popin' Cookin' Takoyaki Octopus Snacks Kit (16g)

Popin' Cookin' Takoyaki Octopus Snacks Kit (16g)

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Popin' Cookin' Takoyaki Ocotopus Snacks are just like the real thing! Bake and create your very own mini takoyaki octopus snacks! All you need is water and a microwave. Mix the batter with water and add it to the tray. Add the mini octopus (powder) in, and bake in the microwave. Anyone can make this easy takoyaki! Cover the baked takoyaki in mayonnaise and sauce, and you have a delicious snack!

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  • Product Description

  • 1) It looks like the real thing!
    Make cloth, octopus, sauce, mayonnaise from flour, you can make 8 mini takoyaki which is similar to homono in shape and taste.
    2) "Tipping" is fun!
    After putting cloth, octopus and heating in a microwave oven, turn it over with a toothpick and turn it up, the round baked will be completed.
    3) Authentic deliciousness!
    It is the deliciousness of the Takoyaki similar to a bonfire. If you can have Takoyaki you can paint the sauce and mayonnaise to spread it deliciously.

  • Ingredients

  • Ingredients: powder candy · vegetable fat · sugar · starch · egg white powder · dextrin · corn syrup · salt · egg yolk powder · vegetable extract powder · yeast extract powder · powdered vinegar · vegetable powder · bonito flake extract · protein hydrolyzate · milk protein White · powder sauces · flavored foods · milk etc. as main ingredients (dextrin · milk fat) · spices · processed starch · calcium carbonate · baking powder · coloring (caramel · vegetable pigment · gardenia · red juice) · seasoning Food (amino acids etc.) · sodium caseinate · emulsifier · calcium phosphate · acidulant · thick polysaccharide · fragrance · (including milk ingredients · wheat · orange · soybean · chicken · pork · apple as a part of raw materials)

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