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[PM2.5 Filter] Three Dimensional Mask Rainbow Series (12 pieces)

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  • Product specifications

  • To keep the mouth space, eliminating the suffocation, it is flexible to respond to non-woven fabric mask the movement of the mouth. The next to the gap of the mask to guard, will block the intrusion, such as pollen. Cut the fine particles in the air, and strong prevent intrusion. Also use the ear straps less likely to want to have the ear over a long time.

  • how to use

  • ● Please wear alphabet mask bottom to correctly read surface on the front side. 1. Please mask the upper part of the nose fitter bent to fit the shape of the nose. * Glasses will be difficult to cloudy. 2. Extend the vertical folds of the pleats will spread the mask.

  • Ingredients

  • ● Material / polypropylene non-woven fabric, non-woven polyester, nylon non-woven fabric, nose fitter (polyethylene), mouse bar (polypropylene), ear string (polyester, polyurethane) ● antibacterial agent / silver antibacterial agents (used for the second layer from the front side of the non-woven fabric)


  • ● Please do not use if you are abnormal in infants and respiratory. ● This product is toxic gas, there is no effect on the harmful dust. ● or when the mood when the smell of the mask felt or breathlessness in the mood becomes bad, please discontinue use. Should ●, itching, if you appeared symptoms of rash, etc., please discontinue use immediately. ● This product is a single-use product. You can not re-use it Yolo in such as washing. Please use as a guide to one a day, please replace it if the dirt is anxious. ● by individual difference, that it may glasses fogged, such as the time of operation, please caution. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● Please avoid storing in hot and humid place.

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