Sagami Original 002

Sagami Original 002

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A condom with polyurethane texture of a high biocompatibility. It has a thickness of just 0.02mm (measured by the manufacturer).

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  • Product Specifications

  • There is no rubber peculiar smell, has about 3-5 times stronger than a rubber condoms (manufacturer standard). Also, tell the instant warmth of the skin because it has excellent thermal conductivity. Since the surface is smooth, natural feeling. It is also recommended for those of natural rubber allergy. Opening easy to blister pack. Colorless and transparent. With a lubricant that smooth feeling of use is obtained.

  • How to Use

  • 1. condom from getting to the penis erection state before genital contact, please attach to the penis.
    2. Remarks condoms, shortly before use, to end of the individually wrapped, defeated the far end with a finger from the condom, please take out so as not to scratch the condom.
    3. The condom has a front and back. Place from a good look at the front and back on top of the glans. In this case, so as not embraced the air, please gently hold the semen reservoir portion of the condom tip. In the case of absence of reservoir semen condom, please let me into close contact with the perfect for the glans tip.
    4. While rolled toward the base of the penis with the fingers of both hands slowly condom, please covered until the root. In this case, you will not be wearing the wrong front and back.
    5. After ejaculation, while promptly holding the condom, please withdrawn slowly to the vagina outside.
    6. condom used was not flown to flush toilets, please follow the disposal method of each municipality.

  • Ingredients

  • Material: Polyurethane
    Diameter: 35mm, length: 170mm


  • ● This product, please use the Always read the instruction manual.
    ● use of condoms, only once per one. In each case, please use a new condom.

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