Pigeon brand stuffy nose relief drug 50G

Pigeon brand stuffy nose relief drug 50G

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This cream you rub on the chest, and the vapors provide relief from a stuffed nose and sneezing, and other cold symptoms. Won’t stick to your clothes. For use from ages 6 months and up.
The active ingredient is a blend of 6 natural ingredients.
Tested on sensitive skin.


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  • Product specifications

  • Only in the stuffy nose paint on the chest, is the care of the nose to relieve the symptoms associated with the common cold of the sneezing and the like. Extend To Sutsu, not sticky, it is hard cream type that luck also to clothing. You can use it from a baby of 6 months of age. Well-balanced blend of the six types of natural herbal ingredients. Non-colored, skin allergy tested (for those of all does not mean allergy does not occur.). Quasi-drugs.

  • how to use

  • 1. take in hand (finger). 2. chest, spread evenly in the throat or back. When squeezing indication of single dose, 3.5cm is about 1g 6 months -1 year old 0.5-2g2 old -4 years old 1-3g5-9 old 1.5-4g10-14 old 2-5g15 years old 3-6g (1 ) please observe well the prescribed dosage. (2) If you want to use in children, please let used under the supervision of their parents. (3) Please be careful not to enter the eye. If it gets in your eyes, please wash immediately with clean water or lukewarm water. It should be noted that, if the symptoms are severe, please consult a ophthalmologist. (4) The drug is used only for external use, please do not ingest.

  • Product Specifications

  • (100g in) fennel oil ... 0.5g, eucalyptus oil ··· 2.0g, nutmeg oil ··· 1.2g, dl- camphor ··· 5.0g, L- menthol ··· 3.0g, turpentine ··· 5.0g , polysorbate 60 as an additive, edetate Na, carboxy vinyl polymer, diisopropyl software Loja Nord amine, stearyl alcohol, stearic acid, liquid paraffin, and containing 1,3-butylene glycol.


  • The drug is intended to alleviate the symptoms such as nose jams and sneezing associated with the common cold, it is not intended to be used for the purpose of such as lowering the heat. (Or worse the current symptoms and do not observe, side effects prone.) Not that supposed to be, please do not use the next site. (1) around the eyes and the eyes, mucous membranes (eg, oral, nasal, wound), and the like. (2) heat rash, scratches, swelling, site of eczema such as abnormal.

  • Effect-efficacy

  • Nasal congestion, alleviation of symptoms associated with the common cold of sneezing, etc.

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