Hisamitsu MSM 300 tablets

Hisamitsu MSM 300 tablets

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  • Product specifications

  • Purity is 99.8% of the MSM supplement formulated a well-balanced (methylsulfonylmethane) and glucosamine. Per 10 tablets 3.0g, MSM1800mg · glucosamine 450mg formulation.

  • how to use

  • Health 10 tablets a day to maintain in such as water or hot water as a guide, please enjoy without chewing. (For example, in the morning 5 tablets, evening 5 tablets and morning, noon, evening to 3 grains, 3 grains, you may want to subdivide and the like 4 tablets.) After opening the tightly closed lid, put in a outer box, as much as possible as soon as possible please enjoy. Please keep out of reach of children and infants. Desiccant can not eat contained in the bottle. Please do not break the bag. In addition, so as not to enter the eye, nose, and mouth, especially please take care for children. One and with a shellfish allergy, the direction of pregnancy and lactation please do not eat. Those who he has received medical treatment is served on the consult your doctor or pharmacist. The staple diet, main dishes, the balance of the side dishes based meal.

  • Ingredients

  • Principal component display (per 3.0g (10 grains)) methylsulfonylmethane 1800mg glucosamine 450mg


  • ● I do not eat the desiccant contained in the bottle. Please do not break the bag. In addition, the eyes, the nose, so as not to enter the mouth, please take care for children. ● If you are shellfish allergy, please do not eat.

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