Ice Lozenges 16 tablets

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    • Ice Lozenges 16 tablets
    • Ice Lozenges 16 tablets
    • Ice Lozenges 16 tablets
    • Ice Lozenges 16 tablets
    • Ice Lozenges 16 tablets

    Flavor:Lemon flavor

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  • Product specifications

  • There, discomfort, pain, swelling of the throat, the voice scree, is a lozenge containing a combination of chloride, cetyl pyridinium kink with a bactericidal action. It is cold taking feeling as Hinyari as ice. Non-sugar. It is a lozenge size that melt away from the mouth in a reasonable time. 4 tablets containing sheet because it is compact size, easy to carry. Orange taste declined to sweetness. Quasi-drugs.


  • Adult (15 years or older) and 5 years of age or older children, 1 grain once, including in the mouth 5-6 times a day, please take dissolved slowly without chewing. Please take an interval of more than two hours.
     (Note related to the dosage and administration)
     (1) by the constitution and interval followed by a side dish to take the lozenges There is a thing that stomach is loosely.
     (2) infants of less than 5 years old, so you have to worry about stuffing the lozenges in the throat, do not take.
     (3) If you want to take in children (less than 5 years of age or 15 years of age), please let be taken under the supervision of their parents.
     (4) The drug is or chewing, do not swallow as it is.

  • Ingredients

  • 1 grain (6 kcal) in
     Cetyl Billiton pyridinium chloride (bactericidal component) 1mg
     Additives: honey, L- menthol, glycerin fatty acid ester, D- sorbitol, perfume, ethanol, propylene glycol, vanillin, Blue No. 1, Yellow No. 5, No. yellow 4 (tartrazine)


  • ● To consult
     The next person doctor before taking, please consult your dentist or pharmacist.
     (1) people who have allergies or his family.
     (2) People who have had allergic reactions caused by the medicine ever.
     (3) who are receiving medical doctor or dentist.
     ● If the next stop taking the drug, a physician or have this description document, please consult your dentist or pharmacist.
     (1) by the use of this drug, if symptoms such as rash, redness, itching appeared.
     (2) If you can take 5-6 days, not seen improvement of symptoms.

  • Effect-efficacy

  • ● long-voice scree of discomfort, throat of sunny-throat sore throat, throat due to inflammation of the throat
     ● sterilization and disinfection of the oral cavity
     ● removal of bad breath

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