Aojiru and 21 kinds of vegetables (20 bags)

Aojiru and 21 kinds of vegetables (20 bags)

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  • Product specifications

  • It is young barley green juice of taste that was a good Sararito of Nodogoshi. In mild climate, Oita Prefecture Kunisaki Peninsula with soil suitable for cultivation, only reliable farmers and contract. Under the firm management system, using the carefully nurtured barley young leaves. Nodogoshi well drink so, because it is dried and milled in a unique technology, it served whole delicious. A further 21 kinds of vegetables (use a concentrated vegetable juice raw material of Kagome) plus. It is easy to drink drink type of supplement.

  • how to use

  • Please enjoy a day 1-2 bags to the guideline. ● enjoy well dissolve in water or milk of about 100ml dissolved in your water or milk. ● other depending on the idea, you can use a wide variety of dishes. Depending on your preference, the amount of water or milk, please adjust. * Since it precipitated, please drink as soon as possible and mix well.

  • Ingredients

  • Barley Grass powder, concentrated vegetable, fruit juice (carrot, apple, orange, lemon, spinach, asparagus, red bell pepper, mustard spinach, watercress, pumpkin, purple cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beets, Akajiso, celery, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, kale , parsley, eggplant, onion, radish, cabbage), maltose


  • ● In this product manufacturing plant has been producing products that contain milk. ● Please observe the daily recommended dose. ● It may not fit the rare body by the constitution. Please stop using the case. ● If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, the direction of current during the treatment, on top of the consult your doctor, please enjoy. ● Please put out of reach of children. ● After individual package opening as soon as possible, please enjoy. ● This product is the natural product, depending on the harvest time might be, such as color and flavor is different, but not a quality problem. Please save How to Save Avoid direct sunlight to heat and humidity.

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