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Fittings 7DAYS mask slightly larger 30 pieces

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  • Product Introduction

    Target: cold, pollen, dust, etc.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Non-woven fabrics, three-dimensional pleated, melt-blown, nose fitter, over a period of soft ear rubber material body filter section: Polypropylene ear string portion: polyurethane nose fitter part: Material of polyethylene packaging paper, polypropylene

  • Specifications

    Is pleated mask to tightly guard the pollen, dust in a three-layer filter of non-woven fabric. It fits in the face of the line in the processing of the nose fitter and mask both sides. It does not put pressure on the nose and mouth because it is a three-dimensional pleating. The over ear uses a rubber-friendly ear.

  • Precautions

    ● This product use or in places where harmful dust and gas, and the like are generated, can not be used for the purpose of preventing it. ● If there is an abnormality in the skin, please consult your doctor immediately discontinue use when the symptoms such as itching, rash, rash appeared. ● If you feel bad in the smell, please discontinue use. ● It comes with nose fitter upper portion of the mask, please handle with care. ● Please do not re-use of washing to for Single Use mask. ● your beside the fire, please stop. ● by individual difference, a gap around the nose, please note that you may glasses fog up. ● from hygiene and functional surfaces, we recommend the use of a single day. ● The character of "fittings (R)", "Fitty (R)" of individually wrapped, you may rarely cause color transfer, please note. Please keep in a clean place with no attention ● moisture on storage. ● Please keep out of reach of children.

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