Benza-block throat spray 20ml

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  • Product specifications

  • Intraoral bactericidal component, is a throat spray containing a combination of cetylpyridinium chloride. By zing and spray, it reduces the pain, swelling of the throat due to inflammation of the throat. A colorless transparent liquid, without worrying about the clothes and hands of dirty, anywhere you can use. Since the container with a cap, also useful in sanitary and portable. In subtle menthol flavor, in the mouth it is refreshing.

  • Ingredients

  • 20ml in component content cetylpyridinium chloride 60ml additive: D- sorbitol, L- menthol, peppermint oil, perfume, povidone, dihydrogen phosphate Na, ethanol, glycerin, propylene glycol


  • Several times a day, to inject application of the appropriate amount to the throat mucosal surface. [Dosage regimen attention related to] expose containers as possible to the mouth to open the 1. opening, toward the injection port to the affected area of ​​the throat, while spitting lightly breath, once 3-4 injection and 1 day 3-6 the use of time as a guide. 2. at the time of injection, in order to prevent the chemical liquid in the eyes, lightly close your eyes. Should, if the eyes, immediately wash with water or lukewarm water, immediately to receive medical treatment by an ophthalmologist. 3. If you want to take to the children, be taken under the supervision of their parents (clinical trials in children (less than 15 years of age) has not been performed). 4. Using only the injection application to the throat of the affected area, it can not be used as for internal use. 5. able to adhere to the dosage regimen.


  • ● never supposed to be (or worsening symptoms of current Failure, prone side effects and accidents.) 1. The following people that ● to consult with no long-term chronic use consultation before taking your doctor or pharmacist to be (1) who the person or family was terrible within the population of people who have had an allergic symptoms (3) of the following symptoms by a person (2) drug allergies (4) persons who have undergone the following diagnostic heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, in the case of thyroid dysfunction 2. the following, immediately stop taking the drug, after it (1) taking to consult with your doctor or pharmacist for this document, the following symptoms may occur. relationship site symptoms skin rash, redness, itching digestive stomach discomfort, because it may appear that the case 3. the following symptoms nausea (2) the symptoms are often not even taking 5-6 days, such symptoms if the continuation or enhancement was observed of, stop taking the drug, irritation of the mouth that you consult your doctor or pharmacist

  • Effect-efficacy

  • Discomfort, voice refuge there throat of sunny-throat sore throat, throat due to inflammation of the throat

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