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New Biofermin S Fine Granules 45g

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    • New Biofermin S Fine Granules 45g

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  • Product Introduction

    With three kinds of lactic acid bacteria of human origin that maintains a wide range of intestines, it can be used by anyone - from babies to the elderly.

    Give human-derived lactic acid bacteria to human.

    Lactic acid bacteria helps keep your gastrointestinal systems healthy
    The condition of flora in human intestine begins just after the birth, and bad bacteria increases as we grow older.

    It is important to take lactic acid bacterium regularly, but be careful with the kind of lactic acid bacteria when you take them.
    There are various kinds of lactic acid bacteria. A new biofermin S contains human-derived lactic acid bacteria that is compatible with human intestine.

    Produced through the research of lactic acid bacteria that lives in the intestines of healthy people, this medicine exerts excellent intestine regulating effect on you and delivers helpful bacteria to the small and large intestine.

    Fine (bottled product) 45g

  • Symptoms / Effects

    intestinal conditions (this medicine helps regulate bowel movements) · loose stools · constipation · sense of abdomen distension

  • Recommended Dosage

    Take the following doses after meals.
    Age Single dose Number of times per day

    15 years old and over 1g 3 times a day
    (3 spoonfuls of medicine with the spoon attached to the box)

    5 to 14 years old 2/3 g 3 times a day
    (2 spoonfuls of medicine with the spoon attached to the box)

    3 months to 4 years old 1/3 g 3 times a day
    (1 spoonful of medicine with the spoon attached to the box)

    3 months or less * cannot take this medicine*

    1 level spoonful of medicine with the spoon attached to the box is about 1/3 g.

    Attention related to dosage / dose
    (1) If you let children take this medicine, please do so under the guidance and supervision of their parents.
    (2) Follow the dosage/dose strictly.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    New biofermin S fine granule 3 g (dose per day for people over the age of 15) contains

    Conch-bifidobacteria end 18mg
    It mainly sticks to the large intestine and creates lactic acid and acetic acid to enhance the effects of intestinal regulation.

    Conch faecalis bacterial powder 18mg
    It mainly clings to the small intestine and increases quickly to regulate the disturbed intestinal flora.

    Conch acidophilus bacterial powder 18mg
    It mainly sticks to the small intestine and makes a lot of lactic acid to suppress harmful bacteria.

    Corn starch, dextrin, ame powder, precipitated calcium carbonate

  • Storage Information

    (1) Store it in a cool place with less humidity and do not expose it to direct sunlight
    Keep the lid tightly closed when you store.
    (2) Keep out of the reach of children.
    (3) The content should not be moved to other containers.
    (as it may cause misuse or change of quality.)
    (4) Do not take products after it passes the expiration date.
    (5) Close the lid tightly every time.
    (Otherwise, the smell of others may spread to the medicine, or the quality of the medicine may be changed due to moisture absorption.)
    (6) Write down the date you opened the bottle in the section of “the year, month, and day of unsealing” on the bottle and the package.
    (7) The medicine should be consumed as soon as possible after it has been opened, recommended to be consumed within 6 months from its opening in terms of maintaining quality

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