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New Biofermin S Fine Granules 45g

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  • Product Introduction

    Is in the intestines of humans have settled 100 kinds of bacteria. When healthy, the lactic acid bacteria but it is dominant, which serves good to the body, and when the body is upset, and become older, you have disturbed the balance of intestinal bacteria growing number of bad bacteria.
    This product is faecalis bacteria arranging bifidobacteria enhance intestinal disorders effect, a disturbed intestinal flora, have Lactobacillus acidophilus to suppress harmful bacteria are incorporated. Increasing reach the intestine leave these bacteria were alive, us established a balance of intestinal bacteria. Slightly There is a sweet, easy to drink whitish tablets from children to the elderly.

    Person of lactic acid bacteria to humans.

    Our us adjusted to a healthy lactic acid bacteria your stomach.
    Full of intestinal flora in lactic acid bacteria, such as immediately bifidobacteria born also, bad bacteria increases with age, will change the balance.

    But I is important to take a proactive lactic acid bacteria on a daily basis, the type of lactic acid bacteria want to be careful that time.

    The lactic acid bacteria There are many different types, but the new Biofermin S is a good human intestines and compatibility, compounding the lactic acid bacteria of human origin.

    Because drugs that were studied and formulated the lactic acid bacteria live in the intestines of healthy people, of course, arrive alive in the intestine, more well-established widely from the small intestine to the large intestine, it is to exert an excellent intestinal regulation effect.

    Fine (bottled product) 45g

  • Symptoms / Effects

    - intestinal (arrange a bowel movement), loose stools, constipation, abdominal bloating

  • Recommended Dosage

    The following amounts, to be taken after meals.
     Age 1 dose daily number of doses

    15 years of age or older 1g 3 times
    (Attached is the spoon 3 cups)

    5 to 14 years of age 2 / 3g 3 times
    (Attached is of spoon 2 cups)

    3 months to 4 years of age 1 / 3g 3 times
    (Attached is of the spoon 1 cup of)

    Less than three months * Not to be taken *

    Saji of the attachments is Strike sugar 1 cup about 1 / 3g.

    Note related to the dosage and administration
    (1) If you want to take to the children, it is taken under the supervision of their parents.
    (2) to adhere to the dosage and administration.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    New Biofermin S fine 3g (1 daily dose of more than 15 years of age) in

    Conch-bifidobacteria end of 18mg
    Mainly settled in the large intestine, making the lactic acid and acetic acid, it enhances the intestinal effect.

    Conch faecalis bacterial powder 18mg
    Mainly settled in the small intestine, and prepares the disturbed more and more quickly intestinal flora.

    Conch acidophilus bacterial powder 18mg
    Mainly settled in the small intestine, creating a lot of lactic acid, reduces the harmful bacteria.

    Corn starch, dextrin, candy powder, precipitated calcium carbonate

  • Storage Information

    (1) in a cool place with low humidity is not exposed to direct sunlight
       To keep sealed.
    (2) Keep out of reach of children.
    (3) Do not replaced with other container.
       (Causing the abuse or quality changes.)
    (4) products past the expiration date must not be taken.
    (5) firmly occupy that the bottle lid each time of the taking.
       (Or other smell is moved, change hygroscopic and quality.)
    (6) to the "open date" entry column of boxes and bottles, to fill in the date of opening the bottle.
    (7) once after opening, it is promptly taken to be no longer than 6 months from opening date in terms of quality preservation.

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