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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Dental Dr. gently enter the interdental brush 10 pcs

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Dental Dr. gently enter the interdental brush 10 pcs

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  • Product Use

    While looking at the 1. mirror, gums and vertical slowly inserted into the interdental portion so as not to damage the, please clean the move finely back and forth. ● If between the back teeth of the tooth is cleaned alternately from both outside, inside, and even increases the cleaning effect. After use, well wash, please dried.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Handle material: polystyrene cap material: polypropylene hair material: nylon heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees

  • Specifications

    Remove the plaque-eating debris between the teeth, by preventing tooth decay, periodontal disease, it is the interdental brush to support loss prevention of tooth from between the teeth. To the front end and the rear end of the brush, adopting the ultra-fine soft brush. Go gently in between the teeth, so passing gently, reducing the burden on the gums. At the center of the brush, adopt a high scraped high-density brush. Easy-to-use L-shaped in back teeth.

  • Precautions

    ● plugging forcibly - if you can not insert a narrow between the teeth, please do not rotate. If you are forced to use, or damage the teeth and gums, the bending of the wire, breaking, may cause troubles such as hair loss. If you between the teeth is difficult to enter a narrow brush, please use the dental floss. ● Please use without bending the wire. Bending will be used and will cause the break the wire. ● it may if the gums are weak is bleeding, but you have no small gradually bleeding with the use of every day. When it was bleeding continues, refrain from using, please consult your dentist. ● Because this product is a periodontal cleaning brush, please do not use for any purpose other than cleaning the teeth.

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