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KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Hikishime Shoyo 100g

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  • Release Date : 2017/03/15
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The chewy toothpaste
Prevent alveolar pyorrhea
Six types of natural plant derived components

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  • Product specifications

  • 6 kinds of natural plant-derived ingredients, is periodontal bad breath prevention disease toothpaste to tighten the gums and Kyu'. It kills the bacteria causing periodontal disease in the bactericidal action of Hinokichiru. An anti-inflammatory action of β- glycyrrhetinic acid, reduces the inflammation of the gums. Three of firming ingredients, tightens the gums and Kyu'.

  • how to use

  • · Periodontitis prevention of (periodontal)
     Of-gingivitis prevention
     And prevention of bad breath
     · Prevent dental caries
     - Teeth whitening
     - To purify the mouth
     - To refreshing the mouth

  • Ingredients

  • And polishing agent: aluminum hydroxide
     Solvent: water, ethanol
     Wetting agents: concentrated glycerin
     And bases: anhydrous silicic acid
     - Solubilizing agent: polyoxyethylene hardened castor oil
     - Astringent: white birch extract, Japanese angelica root extract, peony root extract
     And stabilization agent: titanium oxide, edetate disodium
     - Flavoring agent: aluminum lactate, clove oil, allantoin aluminum chlorohydrate
     - Blowing agent: lauroyl methyl taurine sodium
     Thickeners: hydroxyethyl cellulose
     - Flavoring agent: perfume (herbs mint type)
     · Freshener: - menthol
     - Medicinal ingredients: - glycyrrhetinic acid, hinokitiol
     And cleaning agent: soapberry extract
     - Preservatives: parabens
     · Sweeteners: saccharin sodium
     Colorant: Yellow No. 4, Blue No. 1


  • - Please read the written description of the product upon request.
     - Abnormal stop using If you get a rash, you can consult your doctor.
     • If there is a flaw that refrain from the use in the mouth.
     · Eye without rubbing Once inside, immediately rinse thoroughly, if an abnormality is remains to consult an ophthalmologist.
     - Leaves, there are peculiar astringency. This is because due to the work of tightening the teeth Guki, please fewer to use those who feel strongly the astringency.

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