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Breath care tongue Clean stiffer 1 pcs

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  • Product Use

    ● addressed lightly brush surface to the tongue, pull from the back of the tongue to the front, please slowly scraped the dirt. After use should be washed well with water, please clean storage and dried. ● Please use when was worrisome, such as bad breath. ● Please replace you about 30 days as a guide in order to get hygienic use.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● handle material: polypropylene ● brush material: thermoplastic elastomer ● heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees

  • Specifications

    W is a tongue cleaner that effectively remove the tongue coating intricate to Hidahida of the tongue surface in function. Since the compact head, less likely Ezuki, you will receive comfortably up to the back of the tongue.

  • Precautions

    ● Do not rub strongly the tongue (with fear damage to the tongue) ● when the tongue is rough is, do not use ● pain, bleeding, such as abnormalities in the case that appeared to stop using ● not put deep into the tongue ● infants - that you do not use in children

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