Nodoni Troche 24

Nodoni Troche 24

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  • Product specifications

  • Pastilles suppressed sore throat, a sunny, to eliminate the discomfort. In addition, to prevent the invasion of bacteria by sterilization and disinfection action. Infectious diseases such as throat, pharyngitis, fatigue, caused by bacteria that enters through the mouth and nose when the resistance of the body is weakened due to lack of sleep, throat inflammation and pain can cause symptoms such as any. This product is, and long-acting because it is a lozenge to dissolve slowly without chewing in the mouth. It is easy to take perforated lozenges.

  • how to use

  • The next single dose at an interval of more than two hours, including in the mouth, please take dissolved slowly without chewing. 1 day taking number of adults (more than 15 years of age) 1/1 dose 6 times / day number of doses 5 years of age or 15 years of age less than one / one dose 3 times / day that you do not infants taking the number of doses less than 5 years of age please strictly observe the attention given dosage and related to the dosage and administration. ● If you want to take in children, please let be taken under the supervision of their parents. ● hair crushed or, please do not swallow. ● break the back of the aluminum foil by pressing strongly at your fingertips the convex portion of the PTP sheet that contains the Removing the ● lozenges of lozenges, please drink is taken out. (Incorrectly lead to such an unexpected accident pierce the esophageal mucosa and swallowed as it is.)

  • Ingredients

  • By sterilization and disinfection action of the daily dose (six) in the cetylpyridinium chloride ··· 6mg oral cavity to prevent bacterial invasion. Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate ··· 15mg bellflower extract ··· 120mg (480mg as bellflower) sore throat, is the herbal ingredients to suppress the discomfort. And perfumes as an additive.


  • Please consult a doctor, dentist or pharmacist before the next person to consult is taking. Who are receiving medical doctor or dentist. Those who have allergies or his family. People who have had allergic reactions caused by drugs. The following cases, stop taking the drug immediately and, after taking please consult a physician, dentist or pharmacist for this attachment, rash if the following symptoms are observed, taking itching 5-6 days If even the symptoms are often not

  • Effect-efficacy

  • Sterilization and disinfection of the oral cavity, swelling of discomfort, sore throat, throat of long-throat voice scree-throat due to any inflammation of the removal of bad breath

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