Shumitekuto toothbrush softer

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  • Product Introduction

    ● handle material: transparent portion / polycarbonate, colored portion / thermoplastic elastomer ● hair material: Nylon ● hair of hardness: softer ● heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees

  • Product Use

    Bristles let's swop Once you have opened.

  • Specifications

    It is hypersensitive for a toothbrush made thinking about every day of the toothpaste in the direction of hypersensitivity. ● bristles adopt a round round bristles. Brush bristles were rounded, relieve irritation to the sensitive teeth and gums, also polish gently place where difficult to polish. ● "dome-shaped head" is fit to the gum line, and remove the dirt. ● slip with rubber with handle, you polish well operability. ※ This item is the color assorted goods. (Pink, blue, mint green, orange, four-color) color please understand that it does not can choose.

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