Mondamin Aqua

Mondamin Aqua

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  • Product Use

    ● contain an appropriate amount of (10-20mL) in your mouth, please be discharged from the rinse for about 20-30 seconds. ● You have cap becomes measuring cup. ● After use, your mouth does not have is immediately need water

  • Specifications

    Eliminating the extra sweetness, it is the remaining hard mouthwash aftertaste with a reduced stimulation of mint feeling and alcohol. Flavor of soft citrus. Soil cleaning auxiliary component TPP blended. Firmly wash the dirt sticky micro that cause your mouth of trouble.

  • Precautions

    ● because it is not a oral solution, please do not drink. ● Please keep out of the reach of children. ● in the mouth abnormal, rash, if you appear symptoms such as itching discontinue use, please consult your doctor.

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