OMRON Women’s Electronic Thermometer MC-652LC

OMRON Women’s Electronic Thermometer MC-652LC

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    • OMRON Women’s Electronic Thermometer MC-652LC
    • OMRON Women’s Electronic Thermometer MC-652LC


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  • Product Introduction

    A fast thermometer that only takes about 10 seconds to read.
    Using iPhone/Android smart phone, you can manage body temperature and rhythm.
    About 10-second, prediction-type thermometer <Only for mouth>

    Analysis from thermometry start how to rise of temperature in real-time, calculated, to predict the temperature after 5 minutes at an average of 10 seconds. Carelessly in quick temperature check of the more there is no time to be a sleeping twice, reduce the burden of the busy morning thermometry. After the prediction thermometry the end, that it continues to apply the thermometer, you can also measured thermometer.

    Because it is equipped with a Bluetooth communication function and the NFC communication function, the temperature measuring data can be transferred from the iPhone / NFC-enabled Android smartphone, to easily health support services ""wellness link"" ※. In addition, by using a sold separately communication tray (HHX-IT4), it is also possible to transfer to the computer with a USB cable. During thermometry data transfer, lighting a case upper portion of the LED lamp blinks, the transfer is complete. You can see the communication status at a glance.
    ※ the use of ""wellness link"", the portal site ""WM (I Move)"" for health management member registration to (DoCoMo Healthcare Co., Ltd. provides) (free) is required. ""WM (I Move)"" is a registered trademark of DoCoMo Healthcare Co., Ltd.
    The latest of the corresponding model information, please check from the manufacturer HP

    Look and function also stylish
    It fits comfortably in cosmetic pouch, small and thin compact design. Also travel or business trip, feel free to, you can bring to smart. With so stylish case you can clean storage.

  • Product Use

    1. registered in the "wellness link".
    This thermometer is, by registering to ""wellness link"", the setting of the thermometer (alarm, buzzer, backlight) and measurement records management is done, you can use a variety of health management services.
    ※ how to register for ""wellness link"", please refer to the "Getting Started Guide".
    2. measure the basal body temperature
    (1) take out the body from the storage case. (It contains the automatically power supply.)
    (2) When the "L" is displayed, it relies on the temperature sensing portion at the base of the under the tongue, close the mouth.
    (3) When the buzzer sounds after about 10 seconds, the predicted temperature measurement is finished. To check the temperature measurement result.
    (If you use the ""wellness link"", the first measurement value is automatically recorded in a single day. If you have started the first of the measurement measurement from again within three minutes, the latest measurement value is recorded It will be.)
    (4) placed in a storage case. (Taking into storage case, automatically turns off sounding a "beep". ※ When you save in not put it in its case, and the power supply life will be shorter will remain the power is turned on.)

  • Precautions

    ※ contents shown here, We use the product safely and correctly goods, people and you wish to use, it is intended to prevent damage to harm or property to other people in advance.
    ※ meaning the display is as follows.
    When a "warning" ... mishandling, shows the contents of a person it is assumed that result in death or severe.
    If the "Caution" ... mishandling, shows the contents of a person is property damage * of occurrence or serious injury is assumed. * A property damage, shows a close-damage related to a house, household goods and livestock and pets.
    ● Please keep out of reach of children. Also, please avoid the use of only children.
    ● The battery and battery cover Please put out of reach of children.
    ● Please do not self-diagnosis and treatment of the temperature measurement result. Please follow the guidance of a doctor.
    ● Please do not use other than the temperature measurement of the people.
    ● Please do not shared by more than one person.
    ● This product is a thermometer for the mouth. Please do not thermometry in the other (such as the armpit or ear).
    ● Please do not thermometry in a state in which the body is wet with water or the like.
    ● Please do not Kira bite the probe including a temperature sensing portion.
    ● or heating the battery, please do not put into the fire.
    ● Please use the specified battery.
    ● Please correctly put the plus / minus electrode of the battery.
    ● When placing the body in the storage case, please make sure that the orientation of the body is correct.
    ● body is not waterproof. Please do not enter such as water inside the body.
    ● The ambient temperature is a place of 10-40 degrees, please use from at least 1 minute.
    ● strong static electricity and where electromagnetic waves of, please do not use in the vicinity, such as a magnet.
    ● or apply strong shock to the body and the storage case, or drop, please do not allow anything.
    ● except during the transfer, please do not close the storage case to an electronic device such as a personal computer.
    ● Please do not remove the magnet to decompose the storage case.
    ● disassembly and repair, please do not modify.

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