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MediQtto Osotode MediQtto Outside Pelvis Stockings

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おそとでメディキュット 骨盤サポート付きストッキング ナチュラルヌードは、『活動時専用 骨盤サポート設計』を取り入れ、お出かけ中も美脚・骨盤ケアができる着圧ストッキングです。脚は足首からふくらはぎ、太ももにかけて段階的な着圧で、全体をスッキリひきしめ。さらに活動時専用の骨盤クロステーピングが、骨盤をしっかり支えます。カラーは素肌感のあるナチュラルヌード。

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  • Description of item

  • Medikyutto pelvis with support stockings natural nude in Osoto is, incorporating the "activity-time only pelvic support design", is wearing pressure stockings that even during the outing can Legs pelvis care. Leg calf from the ankle, in a stepwise wearing pressure over the thighs, clean the entire tightening. Further activity at the time dedicated pelvis cross taping will firmly support the pelvis. Color of skin feeling natural nude.

  • raw materials

  • Nylon polyurethane

  • how to use

  • ● Remove the ring or the like before wear way-worn, please smooth the nails of hands and feet. • Do not make a nail, please do not at once pulled up. • In order to support forces there, please pull up slowly with caution. ※ because of the legs and pelvis of the support force, somewhat cramped feeling at the time of attachment and detachment will occur. (1) Product Preface hauling with both hands on one of the feet, toes, and align in the order of the heel. (2) and pull slowly until the knees. (3) the knee thigh, pull up alternately to the crotch. (4) raising wear to fit the hip line.

  • Notes

  • 1. If there is a severe blood circulation failure, please do not use. 2. Those who of the following, please consult your doctor before wearing. Diabetes, deep-made artery thrombosis, blood circulation disorder, depression thrombus heart failure, inflammatory disease, who are treated with such as neuropathy of the attachment site. 3. Upon wear, please note the following:. (1) Please do not wear things that do not match the size and two-ply with. (2) Please do not be able to wrinkles and sagging during use. (3) Hizaka, please stretch will not curl dough in the knee back. 4. or feel sick, discomfort, such as pain and numbness, itching, please discontinue use immediately if you feel a rash abnormal. 5. There is no wear time limit (except bedtime). 6. In order to prevent the deformation of the product, please do not use or store in a state in which the twisted. 7. Please do not use pregnant women.

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