MediQtto relaxation Medikyutto toes refresh Extra


Slimming effects for beautiful legs, No.1 market share holder for compression socks. Wouldn't you like to reduce the difficult to manage swelling of your legs? Dr. Scholls MEDIQttO has a wide range of products to easily and effectively suit this problem. With a progressive pressure design based on medical research MEDIQttO is considered a general medical device. Just wear them while your are asleep and experience light refreshed legs when you wake up the following morning! There are also shaping compression sock to use while out during the day. 24 hour support, created to solve the issues related to legs that women worry about the most. >See more products of this brand.

MediQtto relaxation Medikyutto toes refresh Extra

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  • Product Introduction

    Relaxation Medikyutto toe refresh Extra Long Coral pink, pressure to wear while expanding the toe in the separator, is socks for tightening. The sole of the foot arch 18hPa, ankle 20hPa, calf 15hPa, you tightening firmly the legs in thigh 10hPa. The sole of the foot arch wear pressure, support the collapse tend to the sole of the foot arch in the heel. Spread Innovation Gui the toe part jammed the heel in the toes separate. Also by removing the separator to the night before, it can be used as socks for the time you go to bed. Kidnapping and adopt the fabric of friendly cotton towel style. Overall support Long type foot.

  • Product Use

    ● If you are not familiar with some of the support force socks, you may first tight feel. ● If you feel uncomfortable, please do not use any prolonged. ● If you are new to the product, please use after receiving try for 1-2 hours. METHODS: Wear] ● Remove the ring or the like before wear, please smooth the nails of the hands and feet. Or set up a nail ●, please do not at once pulled up. ● Because there is a support force, please pull up slowly with caution. 1. As yellow mark of toe separator comes in between the thumb and index finger, make sure the left and right. 2. wear from toe while Remarks hauling the socks, and align the position of the heel and pulled up to the ankle. 3. We will put in order the toe separator in each of the toes. 4. pulling up on the knee evenly little by little socks, and wear.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Cotton, nylon, polyester, polyurethane

  • Precautions

    1. If there is a severe blood circulation failure, please do not use. 2. Those who of the following, please consult your doctor before wearing. Diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, blood circulation failure, congestive heart failure, inflammatory disease, who are treated with such as neuropathy of the attachment site. 3. Upon wear, please note the following things. (1) Please do not wear two-ply and that size is not suitable. (2) Please do not be able to wrinkles and sagging during use. (3) Please stretched will not curl dough under the knee. Please to have remains straight not folded mouth rubber. 4. or feel sick, discomfort, such as pain and numbness, itching, please discontinue use immediately if you feel a rash abnormal. 5. In order to prevent the deformation of the product, please do not use or store in a state in which the twisted. 6. Please be sure to remove the toe separators at bedtime.

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