Yatsuhashi Crunch (Matcha Chocolate Flavor) 9 pieces 【Otabe】


The deliciousness of unbaked soft rice cakes had already been well known among Yatsuhashi shops, but then they found they tasted much better when served with sweet red bean inside of their dough. Our unbaked Yatsuhashi with coarse red bean were born just when our new store opened in 1966. >See more products of this brand.

Yatsuhashi Crunch (Matcha Chocolate Flavor) 9 pieces 【Otabe】

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Enjoy the best combination of crispy Yatsuhashi crunch and the chocolate flavor♪It’s a Otabe’s original confectionery “Kyoto・Shin・Meika” which is a bit different from their other products.

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  • Product Description

  • [English]
    Yatsuhashi Crunch Chocolate

  • Yatsuhashi Crunch (Matcha Chocolate Flavor) 9 pieces 【Otabe】
  • [English]

    Yatsuhashi which have loved from 300 years ago grinds and makes crunch yatsuhashi.
    It can enjoy Yatsuhashi textures and Nikki flavor. Please enjoy the traditional Kyoto taste by new textures.

  • Yatsuhashi Crunch (Matcha Chocolate Flavor) 9 pieces 【Otabe】
  • [English]

    Combination about the traditional sweets and 2 types of chocolate (Milk and Matcha).
    Nikki flavor really goes well with chocolate.

  • Name

  • Chocolate confectionery

  • Ingredients

  • Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk sugar, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, green tea) sugar, wheat flour, rice flour, wheat starch, flour (soybean), green tea, diary, emulsifiers, leavening agents, flavoring

  • Quantity

  • Nine

  • Estimated Period This Product Lasts For

  • 45 days, including the date of shipment

  • Preservation Method

  • Direct sunlight, please store at room temperature to avoid the hot and humid place.

  • Calorie

  • 241Kcal (per box)

  • Precautions

  • Summer (early May - early October) is a cool flight commodity.

  • Specific Raw Materials, etc.

  • We produce products containing eggs in wheat, milk, soy ※ This product manufacturing plant.

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