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Unbaked Yatsuhashi Assortment of Cinnamon & Matcha Flavor 24 pieces 【Otabe】


The deliciousness of unbaked soft rice cakes had already been well known among Yatsuhashi shops, but then they found they tasted much better when served with sweet red bean inside of their dough. Our unbaked Yatsuhashi with coarse red bean were born just when our new store opened in 1966. >See more products of this brand.

Unbaked Yatsuhashi Assortment of Cinnamon & Matcha Flavor 24 pieces 【Otabe】

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Unbaked Yatsuhashi are a traditional confectionery of Kyoto that have a memorable sweet taste.

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  • [English]
    Unbaked Yatsuhashi.
    Traditional sweet in Kyoto “Yatsuhashi”, Unbaked Yatsuhashi is before baked that.
    We make it chewy and thick to be enjoyed original taste.

  • Unbaked Yatsuhashi Assortment of Cinnamon & Matcha Flavor 24 pieces 【Otabe】
  • [English]
    Otabe’s principal sweet “Unbaked Yatsuhashi”.
    We would you like to try it!
    Please enjoy that chewy taste and rice flavor.

  • Unbaked Yatsuhashi Assortment of Cinnamon & Matcha Flavor 24 pieces 【Otabe】
  • [English]
    “Unbaked Yatsuhashi” is made from “Rice”.
    The rice name is “Koshihikari”.
    The rice is grinded with a stone mill thoroughly to make crude material of Yatsuhashi, "rice flour" (powder of the rice).
    "Unbaked Yatsuhashi" is made with the fresh rice flour.
    It has slight sweetness so that you can enjoy the flavor of rice.

  • Unbaked Yatsuhashi Assortment of Cinnamon & Matcha Flavor 24 pieces 【Otabe】
  • [English]
    “Uri-wari no taki”
    Uriwari-no-taki, waterfall of Uriwari, springs out among rocks of the back of the precincts of Tentokuji standing in the mountain of Wakasa-cho in Fukui near Wakasa Plant.
    Uriwari-no-mizu was worshiped as “The sacred water of the forest” by the locals and was believed to bring miracles to the productiveness of grains and driving away of various diseases.
    Uriwari-no-mizu springing out of the Uriwari Waterfall becomes rich in mineral with high purity after having been filtered through several geological strata hat stratum for a long period of time.
    And, its taste has been loved and enjoyed by many people.
    We use this delicious water to make our unbaked yatsuhashi.

  • Unbaked Yatsuhashi Assortment of Cinnamon & Matcha Flavor 24 pieces 【Otabe】
  • [English]
    Do you know there is a difference between Unbaked Yatsuhashi and Unbaked yartsuhashi for Otabe?
    We made Unbaked Yatsuhashi more thickly to be enjoyed a rice flavor.

  • Name

  • Cinnamon cookie dough

  • Ingredients

  • [Diary taste] rice flour, sugar, diary, flour (soybean), enzyme [green tea taste] rice flour, sugar, tea, flour (soybean), enzyme

  • Quantity

  • 24 sheets (diary taste, each 12 sheets taste green tea)

  • Estimated Period This Product Lasts For

  • 12 days, including the date of shipment

  • Storage Method

  • Direct sunlight, please store at room temperature to avoid the hot and humid place.

  • Calorie

  • 733Kcal (per box)

  • Specific Raw Materials

  • Soybean ※ In This product manufacturing plant has been producing products that contain wheat, eggs, milk.

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