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Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]

Ever Color

Since its launch in 2011, Ever Color 1 Day has created numerous designs not only to enhance the presence of the eyes but also to maximize the charm of each individual's eyes. We offer eyes with beauty and confidence that you have ever wanted. >See more products of this brand.

Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]

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    20.11 USD
  • Product ID:4547683670503
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
    • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
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  • Color:Marron Blink

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  • Release Date : 2018/04/18
  • Shop Name:SAKURA
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  • 78 Vendor Reviews 4.47
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  • Ever Color 1day [Colorcon / 1day / degree Yes, No / 10 sheets]
  • quantity term power
    1-day disposable contact lenses.
    Disposable lenses are convenient and hygenic.

    Low Moisture Content

    Lenses with low moisture content contain gentle materials which prevent evaporation and in turn eye dryness. Lenses do not overly absorb tears while maintaining optimal moisture balance.∗ Wearing comfort and eye dryness varies amongst individuals.

    Dye Construction

    Created in such as way that the dye portion of the lens does not come into contact with the cornea or eyelids. Developed with your safety and wearing confidence in mind.


    Prolonged periods of wear with a clear view are possible due the the use of nonionic material which prevents tear stains (protiens etc.) the number one cause of dirty lenses.

    UC-Cut Functionality

    UV-Cut protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV-A, UV-B Waves). Lenses were created with UV absorptive qualities to protect your precious eyes from ultraviolet rays.∗ The functionality of UV-Cut is not a substitute for UV-Care such as sunglasses.

    Moisturizing Ingredients

    Lens dryness is prevented with MPC Polymer a moisturizing material that is wrapped around the lens. This leads to lasting effect of moisture from ones natural tears.∗ Wearing comfort differs amongst individuals.

    Japanese Standards Approved

    Color contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. While production, import and export require the approval of the minister of health, labor and welfare of Japan, product sales require the approval of mayors in each prefecture and merchants are responsible for the strict management of item sales. All products sold at our store have been approved as highly controlled medical devices.

  • Product Introduction

    "For Ever color series"
    Ever color series is the color contact brand Uriageru 100 million 5,000 million copies total since its launch in 2011.
    Based on the "basic feeling for everyday use", it is widely favored as a brand that incorporates a moderately trend.
    During deployment all 5 series 24 colors of the lens.

    "Ever Color 1day concept"
    Ever Color 1day that the color line "water color ring" of new ideas to propose "vivid color ring".
    Add a new color four-color, and showcases the most attractive of the pupil with a different design and color, respectively.

    "Product Features"
    [Point1]-out twist to slightly Tsuyame in color
    Color design to complement beautifully a pupil "twist to color". Faintly have the appearance of the pupil gloss.

    [Point2] diameter 14.5mm
    Moderately leaks just the right size DIA14.5mm.

    [Point3] moisturizing ingredients · UV cut function
    Components & UV cut function with moisture for important pupil. Approximately twice the water retention of moisturizing MPC polymer hyaluronic acid immersion lens.
    Since the MPC polymer wraps gently lens become a veil of moisture, gently also the pupil, moisture of tears and continued long.
    In addition, to protect the eyes from the year-drenched ultraviolet rays UV cut function.

    Brand Name: Ever Color
    Series name: 1day
    Image Model: Sawajiri Erika

    [Crystal Brown]
    Clear in exquisite contrast color
    Basic brown and crisp black edge is birth to exquisite contrast, in clear color.

    [Plutinum Gray]
    Adult sense of drifting cool pupil
    Also it will tend to gray floating, that black edge is tighten a pupil, directing the adult sense of drifting cool pupil while firmly coloring.

    [Pure Black]
    Clean and pretty innocent pupil
    By overlaying the different black concentrations, produce a natural black eye.
    Cute and CLEAN, the pupil, such as the innocent girl.

    [Baby Pink]
    In Glossy pink girly eyes
    Clint pupil at the edge Nikki in black border × Glossy stand out pink color development, in a lovely girly eyes.

    [Silky Topaz] ※ New
    Clarity, such as inserting the light
    I overlaid the edge of the dark color to two colors of light color, tone up the color of the eyes naturally.
    Faintly light it, such as insert, clear the pupil a sense of transparency.

    [Marron Blink] ※ New
    Look with a strong presence and brilliance
    Radially designed orange and yellow shine a pupil, by taking the edge in dark brown, in the eyes with a strong presence.
    Exquisite coloration, finish with goods, yet glamorous.

    [Snow Veil] ※ New
    Pupil was missing a sense of Kiratsu
    By overlaying the brown Movugure with a slightly bluish, plus a good exquisite color sense of the pupil familiar.
    Sparkles was cut to random dots in the eyes, to the plaque missing impression.

    [Melty Olive] ※ New
    Of olive color offered at Hitomi
    By overlaying the two colors of olive color, it blends into the natural and the pupil, the natural finish, such as the color of the pupil was allowed to change.
    Produce a sense of digests is nonchalant accent of the inside.

  • Specifications

    ■ advanced management medical equipment approval number: 22300BZX00212A01 / 22600BZX00273A02
    ■ moisture content: 38.6% / 42.5%
    ■ lens diameter (DIA): 14.5mm
    ■ lens BC (BC): 8.7mm
    ■ frequency (PWR): ± 0.00 ~ -8.00
    ■ duration of use: 1day
    ■ 1 box of the number of sheets: 10 sheets
    ■ Publisher: Co., Ltd. son-in-law
    ■ produced and sold Co., Ltd. Ayre

  • Precautions

    Contact lens is an advanced management medical equipment.
    Please order based on the prescription of the doctor for your eye safety.

  • ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

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