Kracie Poppin Cookin Taiyaki & Bun 39g

Kracie Poppin Cookin Taiyaki & Bun 39g

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  • Product Introduction

    ● with flour and water, it is a lifelike "Taiyaki (chocolate cream)" and "Mitarashi dumpling" can make candy.
    ● Put the dough in Taiyaki type, Taiyaki can make by simply microwaved.
    ● rounded the Bun, you can create a Mitarashi dumpling.
    ● Taiyaki, along with the Mitarashi dumplings, strawberry Daifuku and Ramune (drinks) also can make.
    ● it finished side-by-side candy and cup in small dish sheet.
    ● are lucky if I saw to type "Taiyaki of smiling".

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Sugar, rice, starch, vegetable oil, dextrin, glucose, egg white powder, food whose main raw material milk or the like, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, lactose, soy sauce powder, milk protein, salt / modified starch, calcium carbonate, colorants (caramel, vegetable dyes, gardenia), leavening agents, acidulants, emulsifiers, perfumes, sodium caseinate, gelling agent (sodium alginate), calcium sulfate, sodium pyrophosphate, wheat, eggs, milk components, soy (partially including)

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