70ml Refill wearing scent of only eradication EX Super Aqua soap put Kobayashi Pharmaceutical liquid blue toilet

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  • Product Introduction

    Sanitization formulation to suppress the occurrence of black Zumi of the water's edge, liquid tank cleaner is cleaning becomes easy
    - blending the washing and antifouling component. Coating the toilet surface each time the flow, suppressed adhesion of contamination, foaming while, wash away the dirt
    - Since the color of the water that flows is a colorless, you can check the status of the urine and feces
    And peace of mind even in septic tank
    - put Refill

    In eradication prescription, suppressing the generation of the darkening of the water's edge ※, it is cleaning easier.
    ※ reduces the growth of bacteria to become a cause of blackheads. However, not all of the bacteria to eradication.
    Blended cleaning and antifouling component, coated with a toilet, reduce the adhesion of dirt, to keep the clean of the toilet bowl.
    - depending on the degree of use environment, dirt, the effect may be different.
    Dirt of the flow is not part of the water does not prevent.
    It keeps the glow of the toilet bowl.
    The water flowing is colorless.
    Removal is a bacterial rate of 99%.
    * Not all of the bacteria to eradication. According to the company's laboratory of the verification result.
    About 1 month at standard use (3-4 weeks) can be used. (Such as by temperature, water temperature, water, and some change.)
    The product does not damage the equipment in the tank, it does not affect the bacteria and anti-condensation tank of the septic tank and the septic tank.
    * EX is a trade name, it does not represent the sterilization level.

  • Product Use

    Please do not absolutely remove the stopcock cap that is attached to the bottle
    In order to exert an effect, please use the clean the toilet bowl

    Wearing sorting method
    (1) Remove while twisting on top of the tank
    (2) upside down with it to set breaks through the stopcock cap protrusion
    (Note) in the leg, not bites
    (3) Insert the leg
    (4) liquid press the bottle in order to improve the street strongly extent to which crowded to two to three times of

    If the set is insufficient spilled chemical solution, it may not be a short period of time
    · Container can also be used not hit the water directly to the
    If you have there is no drug, please purchase only the "for only eradication EX · wearing replacement put liquid blue toilet".
    It can not be used for other blue toilet products

    [Toilet that can not be used]
    - You can also use the bidet function with a toilet, but a small part, there is a type that does not have you use (type that use the water in the toilet tank to the bottom wash)
    - it can not be used in a simple water-washing type (Kumitori type)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Cationic surfactants, fragrances, nonionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants

  • Precautions

    • The outside applications do not use.
    - children, be aware of the accidental ingestion, such as those of dementia.
    • Do not place out of reach of children.
    · Where exposed to near or in direct sunlight of the fire, not store or use in a location that will be used as a high temperature.
    • If the amount of water or flow is too strong of water is too large, or overflowing or splashing water, there is a case in which the container or fall. In that case, to adjust such weakening flowing water in the toilet tank next to the stop cock.
    - In use, or upside down this product, not on its side. When it becomes Should such a situation, immediately inserted legs of the lower container into the hole of the tank.
    · If there is net the drain outlet of the hand-washing portion of the tank, when poor flow of water hand washing unit, such as when you have dirty lower container, sometimes cleaning the mesh and lower container to prevent water overflow to the.
    • Incorrect attention to drinking

    First aid
    - If the eyes, immediately without rubbing. Washed away more than 15 minutes with running water, immediately consult an ophthalmologist.
    • If swallowed, cups 1 to drink two glasses of milk or water.
    • If you were attached to the skin, thoroughly rinse with water.
    After the treatment in any case, when there is abnormal is to bring this description writing, to consult a doctor.

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