Consumption Nioimoto glamorous Flora 400ml of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical rooms

Consumption Nioimoto glamorous Flora 400ml of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical rooms

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  • Release Date : 2016/09/08
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  • Product Introduction

    Sweet and sour raspberry accents, and floral, such as Rose jasmine, woven vanilla and musk of oriental elements, is glamorous and luxurious scent.
    For rooms

    Powerful deodorant unpleasant odor "big filter paper" is.
    Scent resurrected if Shabashaba.
    Until the last of the liquid is lost, not a scent is followed Innovation ~.
    Pull up on the filter paper, fragrance adjusted to favorite strength.
    Effect long-lasting high-capacity 400mL.

  • Product Use

    (1) peeled off along the perforations
    Remove (2) Tilt the outside cap behind
    (3) turning around counterclockwise
    (4) is pulled up slowly place it on a flat surface
    (5) close tightly the outer cap

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Amphoteric surfactants based deodorants, fragrances, surfactants (nonionic, anionic) dye

  • Specifications

    About 1.5 months to three months will persist.
    (Duration of the aroma depends on the height and use environment raising of filter paper)

  • Precautions

    Products can not drink.
    Children, be aware of the accidental ingestion, such as those of dementia.
    Children, not place out of the reach of such people with dementia.
    Place in a stable place, not leave fallen.
    Not lift the product only at the outside cap.
    Liquid is not in the transverse and diagonal since the spill.
    If you spilled wipe immediately.
    Do not use for any purpose other than.
    Place in direct sunlight, not placed in the high temperature of the location.
    Note to accidental ingestion

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