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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical SawadayPINKPINK Venus Sweet 250ml

  • Manufacturer:KOBAYASHI
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    • mede in japan Made in Japan

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  • Product Introduction

    ● woman is the image of a shining scene, gorgeous scent
    ● girls know and love in the body mist and cosmetics, will spread to the sweet and gorgeous scent the room
    Gorgeous fragrance and design that incorporates the opinions of readers model of the magazine ●.
    ● sophisticated design, such as Convincing a perfume bottle, and color to the room and the front door bright and colorful

    It is glossy passionate adult aroma of feminine sweet pomp full of berry floral, such as a kiss.
    The main raspberry a cuteness, representing the glamorous rose floral. In addition to the juicy and refreshing with strawberry and cassis, and finished with a sweet and gorgeous scent, such as the kiss of berry taste.

  • Product Use

    (1) film, remove the cover, remove the filter paper and filter paper table. Filter paper and filter paper platform is not discarded.
    (2) discard Remove cap only. Filter paper and filter paper table a set original street. Tightly fit the cover.
    (3) to the original as set the filter paper and filter paper table.
    (4) tightly fitting the cover.

    Please use when you no longer content to "Sawaday PINKPINK for ROOM dipped for replacement".

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Perfume, amphoteric surfactant system deodorant, a surfactant (nonionic, anionic)

  • Specifications

    Validity period ... will last about 1-2 months.
    ※ The duration depends on the environment.

  • Precautions

    Note to accidental ingestion
    Products can not drink.
    Not place out of reach of children.
    Place in a stable place, not leave fallen.
    Not lift the only cover.
    If you spilled wipe immediately.
    Do not use for any purpose other than.
    Place exposed to direct sunlight, not placed in the high temperature of the location.
    Corrugated medium is not pulled out.

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