MORE PRESSURE Compression Shirt Short Sleeves V Neck

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  • Product Introduction

    Wear only pressure training!

    Was the Length to 20cm long specification in order to prevent from being out stomach by moving further.
    Style up without Barre anyone in the posture correction and pressure!
    At the same time, muscle training T-shirt to approach aware of the muscle "more pressure"! !

    As an inner everyday wear, you can use it as an inner at the time of exercise and sports.
    In addition, as a support inner stretch the back muscles, such as golf and ballroom dancing ◎.
    Moreover, it is also recommended to people who suffer in attitude such as stoop to be worried about.

    [Spandex blend] but is a material that is indispensable for high pressure shirt is a stretch, because the dough is soft, "falls the pressure" too blended many, this product is a "sufficient pressure" " analysis of the best rate that can achieve the ease of use ". Therefore, dare to reduce the mixing ratio, while leaving the "hardness of the material" required for the pressure, it has realized the goodness of comfort where you can wear without stress over longer periods of time!

    Even wear of the deodorant quick drying] a long period of time, it reduces the smell anxious. Also in the fabric is quick-drying, also dries quickly when washing! (Please when washing the wash are are in the laundry net)

  • Specifications

    M-L common size (height 165-188cm, chest 84-103cm)

  • Materials

    95% nylon, polyurethane 5%

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