Milk soap Cow brand non-addition treatments smooth 180g

Milk soap Cow brand non-addition treatments smooth 180g

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  • Product Introduction

    Friendly weakly acidic treatment to the hair and scalp.
    A naturally-occurring treatment component-conditioning ingredients, holding the Pasa of hair to be worried about, the free-flowing hair finger street.
    Non-silicone prescription.
    ● additive-free!
    As you can use with peace of mind and more for those who of delicate skin, in addition to the preservative and quality stabilizers such as coloring, flavoring, parabens, does not also use alcohol.
    ● skin allergy test!
    It does not mean that the allergy does not occur in all people.

  • Product Use

    ※ treatments always, please use after shampoo.
    On that firmly rinse the shampoo, thank you use the treatment.
    (1) As a finishing after shampoo.
    After rinsing well shampoo, lightly drained, let soften the treatment to the entire hair. The areas of concern of damage, such as hair and rub in focus, please rinse. There is a sufficient effect be rinsed immediately, but is even more effective when put the time after the rub.
    (2) after the towel dry, let dry in the dryer.
    As wrapping the hair with a clean towel to dry and wipe the moisture. Please note that the damage to the hair and scrub Toko. Please dry in the dryer After wiping the moisture. At that time, because too applying heat causes damage to the hair, it is to put too much of the dryer Be careful.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water ... base component
    DPG ··· moisturizing
    Myristyl alcohol ... vegetable conditioning component
    Hydrogenated rapeseed oil alcohol ... botanical conditioning component
    Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine ... botanical conditioning component
    Diglycerol ... vegetable treatment ingredients
    Squalane ... vegetable conditioning component
    Malic acid diisostearyl ... vegetable conditioning component
    Lactic acid ... base component
    Distearate pentaerythrityl ... vegetable conditioning component
    Ethylhexanoic acid alkyl (C14-18) · · · vegetable conditioning component
    Cetyl palmitate ... vegetable conditioning component

  • Precautions

    • When and abnormalities appear when the scalp of abnormal, please do not use.
    · Please rinse immediately when it reaches the eyes.
    - Please keep out of reach of children.
    And high temperature or please do not put in place, which is exposed to direct sunlight and to become a low temperature.
    After opening please use as soon as possible.
    * This product may be frozen at extremely low temperature place. Please use from such a case back to room temperature.

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