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Slim Walk size down Shiataitsu black M-L size


Wearing pressure socks-wearing pressure stockings famous, [Slim Walk] of the brand is a woman of strong ally. "Edema improvement and clean Legs care" wearing pressure socks and wearing pressure stockings has become "for the sport, for Osoto, for you out, for the good night, general medical equipment" and the line-up that can be selected to suit the scene. "Pelvis support" as "shorts, leggings, belt" has also been expanded, it will firmly tightened around the pelvis. In addition, "deodorant" But "foot dedicated deodorant gel, odor care spray of shoes," we are developing glad goods and. "Medical lymph Series" for us to improve the swelling of the legs has been designed to improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow. >See more products of this brand.

Slim Walk size down Shiataitsu black M-L size

  • Manufacturer:PIP
    • mede in japan Made in Japan

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Tapering legs in a fine show the effect of slightly sheer × inner thigh gap makeup of W!
    Slim Walk tights first ever.
    Thin and tapering in the moderate sense of sheer of 50 denier.
    Tightening the inner thigh to create a gap of longing "inner thigh gap Makeup Design"
    ● ass, pelvis, show at the same time refreshing the stomach "Total Support Design"
    ● ankle 21hPa, calf 16hPa, achieve a clean legs at the stage pressure design of the thighs 11hPa
    ● your worries measures of winter boots in the deodorant fiber use
    ● there was a whole leg even one by a heat absorption processing
    ※ at the time and the non-wearing when worn, waist, hips, thighs, calves, the difference average value sum of the perimeter measurements of the ankle (n = 18) there are individual differences in changes in the perimeter.

  • Product Use

    - to use before, to smooth the limbs of nails and heels, please remove the like ring.
    • Do not make a nail, please do not at once pulling up.
    (1) haul Preface, put a toe to the tip
    (2) is pulled up to the ankle
    (3) Put your thumbs on the inside, pulling evenly little by little
    Please pull up one foot ※.
    ※ for support force is strong, please pull up slowly with caution.
    (4) remain in a standing position, pulled by small increments until the crotch
    (5) is pulled up to evenly West from pulling up so that there is no gap in the crotch - How to choose the size;
    ★ S~M size
    Height ··· 145~160cm
    Hip ··· 80~93cm
    Thighs ··· 45~53cm
    Calf ··· 32~38cm
    Ankle ··· 19~23cm
    ★ M~L size
    Height ··· 150~165cm
    Hip ··· 85~98cm
    Thighs ··· 50~60cm
    Calf ··· 36~42cm
    Ankle ··· 21~25cm
    ※ if both of the S~M and M~L size, please choose height is the size of the closer to the median.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    nylon, polyurethane

  • Specifications

    Black (50 denier)

  • Precautions

    • The next person to consult a doctor before use
    (1) Currently, those who feel the swelling and fatigue of the leg due to illness or injury
    (2) higher blood pressure, people with disabilities, such as the heart, kidney
    (3) Currently, those who are causing the itching and rash
    (4) If it is that caused the blood circulation disorders
    • Do not use do not fit those of size (there is a possibility that the blood circulation is poor.)
    - two-ply not use (there is a possibility that the blood circulation is poor.)
    - In use, or feel sick after use, itching, rash, if you feel an abnormality, such as pain, to stop using it immediately
    • Do not use at bedtime
    Do not use in-medical purposes

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