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Green Bell Keratin Plug Pore Cleaner

Green Bell Keratin Plug Pore Cleaner

  • Manufacturer:GREEN BELL
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  • Dimensions:1.5cm × 7.0cm × 1.5cm

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  • Product Introduction

    Remove all your keratin plugs and any dirt you may be worried about in your pores.

    Using the pen feels great!
    The tip is easy to see and doesn't require much force to use.

    The new spherical head is pinpoint effective!

    Just select a pore and push!
    Use the small end for around your nose and eyebrows, and the large heard for wider spaces like your forehead.

  • Product Use

    Convenient to the care and raised pores of the pin point.
    Pressing lightly the tip hole of the portion, such as keratin plug is a concern, and extrusion while turning the Kurikuri so as to draw a circle.
    Finally, please as Nikki rake lightly dirt in the hole.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Antimicrobial elastomer (was kneading a safe antibacterial agent to the skin.)

  • Precautions

    Since the Treasury how there are individual differences, please be careful to put too much of excessive care and force so as not to damage the skin.

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