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Juju stock essence 30mL of cosmetics Aqua Moist fermentation hyaluronic acid

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

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  • Product Introduction

    The dense moisture of hyaluronic acid stock ※ to direct!
    Firm deliver the high density of moisture to dry skin, stay, and protect.
    It established a texture, up a sense of firmness!
    ● Unscented unpigmented-free mineral oil, alcohol-free, oil-free animal ingredients nonuse.

    ※ The hyaluronic acid stock solution, is what yelling dissolved hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid Na, Shinomonasu / hyaluronic acid fermentation liquid (both moisturizing component) in purified water.

  • Product Use

    At the time, night care, took the appropriate amount (1 push) after the lotion, please let me rub gently to the entire face. Please use such as lotion or cream after that.

    ※ When you are new, please press several times the pump until the content comes out.
    ※ After use, wipe the mouth of the pump, please be kept clean and close the cap.
    Please be careful not to put too much because it extends well even a small amount of high viscosity ※.
    ※ Because you may be too much rubbing strongly Yoreru, please let me rub gently.
    ※ does not change the effect of also to your skin it is to your during the day, but it might Yoreru and will to use it repeatedly, such as foundation.
    ※ is the same series of make-up water, milk, have any use in combination with cream recommended.
    ※ about 4 to 5 months you can use in one day push.
    ※ by the storage situation, you may want to decrease very rarely viscosity, no quality problems.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water, Shinomonasu / hyaluronic acid fermentation liquor, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid Na, EDTA-2Na, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben

  • Precautions

    - Please use abnormality close attention or does not occur in the skin.
    When you do not fit in-your skin, that is, please discontinue use in the following cases.
    (1) When in use, redness, swelling and itching and irritation and color missing (such as white spots) of and darkening such abnormalities appeared.
    (2) to your skin that you use, when an abnormality, such as the direct sunlight appeared.
    - Please do not use when there is an abnormal scratches, eczema, etc. skin.
    • When it reaches the eyes, please rinse immediately.
    · Extremely Please do not put in the place where hits high temperature or to low temperatures at or direct sunlight.
    - Please do not place out of the reach of children.

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