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TO-PLAN (Topuran) natural sap sheet Angel foot sheet aloe 12 pieces

TO-PLAN (Topuran) natural sap sheet Angel foot sheet aloe 12 pieces

    • mede in japan Made in Japan
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    11.83 USD
  • Product ID:4949176099295
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  • Dimensions:22.0cm × 11.0cm × 3.5cm

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  • Product Introduction

    Foot while sleeping refreshing!
    Pat care from the back foot natural sap component is in the negative ion.
    ● hard work I friendly to reward ♪ women to their + refreshing herbs.
    Natural sap component (aloe end pieces) 100% sheet and prepares the body with negative ions between Angel foot sheet sleeping feet, hands and knee, shoulder, hip, etc. with a sense of discomfort at work and leisure, etc. ●.
    (Please use only the back foot skin sensitive person of ※.)

  • Product Use

    (1) along the perforated line, please disconnect from the center to the left and right.
    (2) the printing surface to the adhesive surface.
    (3) put on the hands and feet.
    ※ 3 hours or more will be use when moisture is discolored sap sheet is discharged from the body.
    ※ There are individual differences in change in the color of the sheet.
    [How many]
    The palm of the hand, shoulder, hip, Hizato, other than the soles of the feet you can use.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Dextrin, wood vinegar powder, Takesumatsu, Houttuynia powder, aloe powder, loquat Hazue, chitosan powder, vitamin C

  • Precautions

    - not a pharmaceutical.
    - your rash when using eczema, etc., if you feel uncomfortable, please consult your doctor and discontinue use.
    · Please do not use if the skin there is an abnormality in.
    · There is no food.
    - Please keep out of reach of such children.
    And high temperature, humidity, please direct sunlight should be avoided.
    • When you are using is the case with sweat and dirt on the hands, feet, etc. Please use it to clean because it is difficult marked with a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet.
    - unused, please be sure to close the chuck.
    Socks in a state that put a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets, shoes, and are wearing the clothes you might component is attached. Always wet towel, please rinse or wipe off with a wet tissue.

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