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TESCOM collagen ion hair dryer TCD5100

TESCOM collagen ion hair dryer TCD5100

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  • Product Introduction

    Release the cosmetic ingredients collagen and platinum put in dryer air at the nano-size mist. As continue to use, it delivers a more luxurious moisture surprised to hair. By keep the moisture of the skin, keeping the scalp environment healthy. Prevents fading of the color ring and hair dye the hair, not lose to ultraviolet rays, it fosters a strong beautiful hair.

    [Surprisingly luxurious moisture to the hair]

    Collagen, increases platinum, nano-sized mist, the adhesion of negative ions to keep the moisture of the hair.
    I never ever met, to a and smooth finger street luxury moisture, is surprised should surely.

  • Specifications

    Body color: Platinum White
    Power: AC100-120V · AC200-240V 50 / 60Hz
    Power consumption: 1200W (AC100V / 200V) 1750W (AC120V / 240V)
    Main material: body / ABS
    Body dimensions: H254 × W210 × D93mm
    Body weight: about 640g
    Accessories: Moisture Food diffuser-collection-style food collagen Platinum box

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