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YA-MAN Reheabote Scalp dryer Pearl White HC6W

YA-MAN Reheabote Scalp dryer Pearl White HC6W

  • Manufacturer:YA-MAN
    • mede in japan Made in Japan

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  • Product Introduction

    Equipped with a beauty technology, not only to dry out the hair to damage-free, innovative dryer that can be up to scalp care.

    ● damage-free dry
    Hair cells are destroyed by heat
    Scalp hair dryer is unnecessary hot air
    New ideas to dry in the overwhelming low temperature air at far-infrared of force training

    ● warming Rifutokea
    Hair and face that lead in the scalp
    To people who want to be upward without losing the force of gravity
    Like Head Spa Experience Japan's first ※ scalp lift dryer

    ● the moisture and nutrients to the scalp
    Scalp of itching, sticky, towards the smell is anxious
    The same skin care and face even on the scalp
    Penetration of cosmetic ingredients and restoration component to the back

  • Specifications

    The size of the main body about W112 × D194 × H297mm (body only)
    Length of about 1.8 m of the code
    Product mass about 630 g (including the body power cord)
    Rated supply AC100V 50-60Hz
    Consumption power of about 850W (DRY during operation)
    Accessories Scalp head (large), Scalp head (small), set for the nozzle

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