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Taisho Pharmaceutical Gurukokea powder stick dark brown

Taisho Pharmaceutical Gurukokea powder stick dark brown

  • Manufacturer:TAISHO
    • mede in japan Made in Japan

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  • Product Introduction

    For those blood glucose levels after a meal is a concern
    ● It is said one in five adults is that it is high blood sugar (FY 2012 National Health and Nutrition Survey). Gurukokea powder stick dark brown is blended with "indigestible dextrin" to slow the rise of postprandial blood glucose value "food for specified health use".

    ● luxury concentrated the ingredients of tea, stuck in the dark deep flavor, such as those brewed in a teapot. Moreover, it refreshing sharp good drinking comfort.

    ● Because it is stick packaging, work destination, eating out destination, easy to carry, such as a travel destination.

  • Product Use

    Three times a day, please drink dissolved once wrapped the (6g) in hot water or water of about 100ml with meals.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Indigestible dextrin, dextrin, green tea extract, rice, green tea

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