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Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】

Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】

  • Manufacturer:PIA
  • Our Price ( Tax-freeWhat is Tax Free Price?
    Tax free price is exempt from consumption tax. The price is considered domestic shipment in Japan.
    18.94 USD
  • Product ID:4562317107446
    • Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
  • Refractive Power:
  • Color:Naked Rain

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  • Release Date : 2018/01/15
  • Shop Name:SAKURA
  • Dispatch Est.: 3days
  • 78 Vendor Reviews 4.47
  • This item is shipped from and sold by SAKURA
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  • Minette 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
  • quantity term power
    1-day disposable contact lenses.
    Disposable lenses are convenient and hygenic.

    High Moisture Content

    Lenses with high moisture content contain soft material as to promote the wearing comfort of the lenses.∗ Wearing comfort and eye dryness varies amongst individuals.

    Dye Construction

    Created in such as way that the dye portion of the lens does not come into contact with the cornea or eyelids. Developed with your safety and wearing confidence in mind.


    Prolonged periods of wear with a clear view are possible due the the use of nonionic material which prevents tear stains (protiens etc.) the number one cause of dirty lenses.

    UC-Cut Functionality

    UV-Cut protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV-A, UV-B Waves). Lenses were created with UV absorptive qualities to protect your precious eyes from ultraviolet rays.∗ The functionality of UV-Cut is not a substitute for UV-Care such as sunglasses.

    Japanese Standards Approved

    Color contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. While production, import and export require the approval of the minister of health, labor and welfare of Japan, product sales require the approval of mayors in each prefecture and merchants are responsible for the strict management of item sales. All products sold at our store have been approved as highly controlled medical devices.

  • Product Introduction

    Color contact lenses Darenogare Akemi to produce "Minette"
    Minette has adopted a high water content lens and UV cut a moisture content of 55%, for our customers with confidence in the color contact heavy users
    1day natural color contact the moisture and the safety of the pupils thought the first!

    ■ and Minette is
    If children know and love the Colorcon everyone is experiencing, Colorcon select.

    "I wonder, such what kind of things really look good Colorcon to my eyes."

    The trouble is expanding, in color contacts market saturation
    Not even Colorcon loyal, true and everyone hit the wall.

    In order to solve the problem of these users,
    The color contact design to suit each of the pupil of the color such as black eye, playful, light brown eyes Darenogare Akemi himself invented.

    Her design of himself one by one lens, performs a color check, is producing contact lenses of commitment was realized.

  • Specifications

    ■ advanced management medical equipment approval number: 2290BZX00118000
    ■ moisture content: 55.0%
    ■ lens diameter (DIA): 14.2mm
    ■ lens BC (BC): 8.6mm
    ■ frequency (PWR): ± 0.00 ~ -10.00
    ■ duration of use: 1day
    ■ 1 box of the number of sheets: 10 sheets
    ■ Publisher: PIA Co., Ltd.
    ■ Manufacturing vendor: PIA Co., Ltd.
    ■ Production countries: South Korea
    ■ Intended use: single-use vision correction for color with contact lenses

  • Precautions

    Color contact lenses Read through the instruction manual provided with the product enough, you'll need to use observe the rules. In particular, please note the following carefully.
    ◾ Please do not sleep while wearing.
    Please do not use overlapped with ◾ the degree there is a contact lens.
    Please do not for a long time of continuous wear ◾.
    ◾ Please do not lending and borrowing between friends.
    Once ◾ feel the discomfort of the foreign body sensation or the like during use, immediately stop wearing, please receive medical attention of ophthalmology and the like.
    ◾ Please regularly received a medical examination by an ophthalmologist.
    ◾ please go to protein removal of the regular lens.
    ◾ If the lens is damaged were damaged, etc., please do not use.

    ※ without compliance with the warnings and cautions described in the instruction manual of the goods attached, if an accident occurs, please keep in mind that it becomes the responsibility of the other person.

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