LALISH 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】

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    • LALISH 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • LALISH 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • LALISH 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • LALISH 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
    • LALISH 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
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  • Color:Nudy Camel

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  • LALISH 1day 【Color Contacts/1 Day/Prescription, No Prescription/10Lenses】
  • quantity term power
    1-day disposable contact lenses.
    Disposable lenses are convenient and hygenic.

    Low Moisture Content

    Lenses with low moisture content contain gentle materials which prevent evaporation and in turn eye dryness. Lenses do not overly absorb tears while maintaining optimal moisture balance.∗ Wearing comfort and eye dryness varies amongst individuals.

    Dye Construction

    Created in such as way that the dye portion of the lens does not come into contact with the cornea or eyelids. Developed with your safety and wearing confidence in mind.


    Prolonged periods of wear with a clear view are possible due the the use of nonionic material which prevents tear stains (protiens etc.) the number one cause of dirty lenses.

    UC-Cut Functionality

    UV-Cut protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV-A, UV-B Waves). Lenses were created with UV absorptive qualities to protect your precious eyes from ultraviolet rays.∗ The functionality of UV-Cut is not a substitute for UV-Care such as sunglasses.

    Moisturizing Ingredients

    Lens dryness is prevented with MPC Polymer a moisturizing material that is wrapped around the lens. This leads to lasting effect of moisture from ones natural tears.∗ Wearing comfort differs amongst individuals.

    Japanese Standards Approved

    Color contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. While production, import and export require the approval of the minister of health, labor and welfare of Japan, product sales require the approval of mayors in each prefecture and merchants are responsible for the strict management of item sales. All products sold at our store have been approved as highly controlled medical devices.

  • Product Introduction

    This is your "new style!"
    For people who have a high sense of beauty. Not only for special occasions; make your eyes look great everyday!
    Designed with the intention of emphasizing the true beauty of your eyes.
    These are a new type of color contact lenses that provide a cool impression and maintains the natural look to your eyes.
    Provides your eyes with ladylike radiance.

    ■Advantages of LALISH!
    1. Sophisticated design that makes your eyes stand out and gives off a cool impression.
    Makes your eyes look more feminine without diminishing the beautiful, natural look.

    2. Has a coating which protects eyes from ultraviolet rays.
    Reduces ultraviolet radiation (83% of UV-A and 98% of UV-B) which can damage your eyes.

    3. Keeps moisture inside the eyes. Comfortable to wear.
    You can wear them comfortably all day, as it contains MPC polymer that has moisture retention power about twice as high as hyaluronic acid.

    Brand Name: LALISH
    Series Name: 1day
    Model: Ann Nakamura

    【Noble Glow】
    Bright yellow brown and dark brown color.
    These contacts aim on emphasizing the outline of your iris, giving you a very pronounced and powerful eyes.

    【Mystic Beige】
    Gives your eyes a watery look with two mixed colors of dark brown and beige.
    Fresh, natural look and cool impression.
    Blends perfectly, leaving anyone who sees them with a lasting impression.

    【Relaxy Mood】
    High-tone colors with orange brown that make your eyes look soft and bright.
    Gives a three-dimensional effect while making eyes look elegant and natural.

    【Loose Mirage】 ※New
    Beige and orange colors provide your eyes with a clear, cool impression.
    The splash of orange in these contacts make your eyes pop with color, giving you entrancing eyes.

    【Nudy Camel】 ※New
    Using 3 different shades of brown, the delicate combination leaves your eyes with a brilliant color and sophisticated looking eyes.

    ■Specially controlled medical device approval number:22600BZX00273A09
    ■Moisture content:42.5%
    ■Lens diameter(DIA)
    :14.2mm(Noble Grow/ Mystic Beige/ Relaxy Mood)
    :14.5mm(Loose Mirage/ Nudy Camel)
    ■Graphic diameter
    :13.6mm(Noble Grow/ Mystic Beige/ Relaxy Mood)
    :13.8mm(Loose Mirage/ Nudy Camel)
    ■Lens BC(BC):8.7mm
    ■Power (PWR):±0.00~ -8.00
    ■Usable period:1day
    ■The number of pcs per box:10 pcs
    ■Seller: AISEI CO.LTD.
    ■Manufacturer and seller: Aire Inc.
    ■The country of manufacture: Taiwan
    ■Purpose of use: single-use colored contact lenses for vision correction (wearable for all day, daily disposable )

  • Precautions

    Contact lenses are specially controlled medical devices.
    Please place an order based on the prescription from a doctor for your eyes’ safety.

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