Body Bag Rustic (Rustic) rc079-34-pt

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Body Bag Rustic (Rustic) rc079-34-pt

  • Manufacturer:CreativeArai
  • Product ID:rc079_34_pt_aska03

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  • Product Introduction

    There is an enhanced functionality enhancement function. ◆ to hand the lightness ◆ super water-repellent, lightweight ... "micro-Art" is a unique 100% nylon functional materials. As a conventional hollow fiber, not only the cavity inside the fibers, by making the "space" on ambient, achieving a high lightweight and water-repellent. The secret is the shape of the fiber itself with a well-type fragment. Because material made of air, very light. Excellent lightweight born from the height of the air content is the most important feature of the "micro art". Fiber projections produce, water-repellent effect. Well type fine eight of the projections on the periphery of, and effective, such as the downy hair of a lotus leaf repels water. ● size (external dimensions): about W19 × H35 × D13cm ● Weight: about 380g popular Rustic series is here Click!

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