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Boston bag Kiefer neu (Kiefer Noi) kfn3304l-matsu

Boston bag Kiefer neu (Kiefer Noi) kfn3304l-matsu

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    Italian leather × nylon elegant appearance of the briefcase, a solid nylon fabric to the body, the leather comes insisted on equal material to be used, respectively the Italian leather items. Is a design that have a favorable impression on a variety of people. New Luce, which was changed to the ball Berri specification in order to encourage the independence of the bag. It became the lineup to fit the business scene to become more clicks and impression. ● size (external dimensions): about W51 × H28 × D20cm ● Weight: about 1,240g ● Material: Body: glossy nylon thread / accessories: Italian leather (cowhide) ● Color: [Black × Navy] [beige × chocolate] [navy × Camel]

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