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Tote Bag Zeha (Tsueha) 290-9700-san

Tote Bag Zeha (Tsueha) 290-9700-san

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    [Ol primo (Il Primo series)] Godoreza (pull-up processing) cowhide compared (general cowhide) and from the fact that material there is and strength supple, also relatively thin to have a durability can be, is also used to such luxury gloves and men's shoes for a long time. The leather you have pull-up (whitening) processed in the country, and further out the taste. Handle scissors Nume leather, realize the making of a firm. ● Size: about) W26 × H17 × D7cm ● weight :( approximately) 750g ● Material: Goat leather (goat leather) ● Color: [Black] [Navy] [Camel] [chocolate]

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