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ELIXIR WHITE clear emulsion C (refill) Ⅱ moist

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  • Product Introduction

    Keep without leaving the moisturizing and whitening ingredients that meet fresh and bright face impression in the subsequent whitening emulsion lotion. When it comes to brightness persists, it has changed the usual skin impression finally. Shiny, skin of bright impression with firmness, will continue to shine. What type of feel as well, it does not remain sticky on the skin, the feeling of satisfaction that are filled with deep moisture. Whitening active ingredient 4MSK blended. To suppress the generation of melanin and prevents freckles spots. 4MSK (4- methoxy salicylic acid potassium salt) clear emulsion C Ⅰ: fresh, it is and refreshing feel. Clear emulsion C Ⅱ: moist, it is a smooth thickened feel.

  • Product Use

    Please use refill the body container of Elixir White clear emulsion C. 1. After the lotion, slightly larger to take a lot more than 10-yen coin-sized cotton and scissors to the finger placed on the middle finger and ring finger. 2. It started from a wide part of such Hoyagaku, outward from the center of the face, let soften to carefully to every corner of the slowly face to fit the roundness of the face. (Repeat each two to three times) 3. If applied to the neck, let the end to soften from the bottom to the top. * If the amount is not enough, done by adding a small amount.

  • Precautions

    ◇ please be used with caution well or abnormal, such as scratches and swelling, eczema and color missing (such as white spots) and darkening does not occur in the skin. When it is not suitable to your skin, discontinue use, please consult your such as a dermatologist. ◇ Please do and not placed in the high temperature of the place where the hits of the day. ◇ If the cap and inside plug with a cap of the container body is no longer from closing properly, please do not mix required please every body. ◇ with tap water and other goods. ◇ order to prevent bacteria from entering, please use as it is without washing the inside of the empty container. ◇ from using up the contents, please refill the entire amount. ◇ after the refill, please tightly closed with a cap in the body vessel. ▲ If you do not close to where the mark is fit, please note that there is a thing that the contents from leaking. ◇ after the refill, please note of the lower part of the production symbol of this container (alphanumeric). It may be necessary at the time of inquiry. ◇ Elixir White Clear emulsion C Ⅰ (Refill), please refill the body container of clear emulsion C Ⅰ. ◇ Elixir White Clear emulsion C Ⅱ (Refill), please refill the body container of clear emulsion C Ⅱ.

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